Project portfolio

Totally Doable works with many different kinds of organizations on a wide variety of projects. Here are some examples of the work we've done over the years.

The common themes are partnership, listening skills, and critical analysis. We will sit down with you to ask questions and hear your answers, until we really understand your needs and the needs of your constituents. Once we have developed that understanding, we can begin to develop a strategy together.

In collaboration with Walk Oakland Bike Oakland, I lead tours of Oakland neighborhoods by bike, seeing areas of the city participants may not have previously known, while providing commentary and analysis about the history of the place.

I built an analysis platform in Python to examine street networks and census data for cities across the nation, gathering street network and Census data to identify trends in demographic change in historically Black neighborhoods.

I analyzed urban street networks and demographic data at national scale, integrating street network, demographic and employment data to demonstrate interactions between infrastructure, jobs, ethnicity and race.

Researching cycling cultures and advocacy, we investigated the social importance of cycling in disadvantaged communities in four U.S. cities. The resulting thesis examines how cycling infrastructure has become associated with gentrification.

Berkeley's One IT initiative sought to unify the many distributed IT groups on campus. We developed an exercise which encouraged participants to break away from their cynicism, and work together in an appreciative and observational mode.

The Alameda County Sustainability Office had an intranet site with great content but poor findability. We worked with Sustainability on communications strategy, community engagement. site development, and content production.