About Tom Holub

I have over two decades of experience managing projects and technology in the public sector. My IT work is now focused on strategy development: helping non-technical leaders align their technology investments with their organizational needs.

In 2017 I completed the Urban Studies program at UC Berkeley, which sparked my interest in applying my skills in analysis, community engagement and report writing to real-world problems in the city, especially in the area of mobility justice.

My years of working directly with academia, non-profits and government has given me a strong appreciation for the unique nature of their challenges, and a desire to help them further their goals.

I love solving problems, whether I’m working on community, strategic, or technical issues.

About Totally Doable Consulting

I founded Totally Doable Consulting because cities and non-profits have unique requirements which don’t fit well into corporate consulting models. Pragmatic problem-solving requires a strong understanding of an organization’s skills, capabilities, and funding constraints, and the community's needs. I create successful plans based on real analysis of local conditions, and provide solutions which are practical for the local environment. I’m interested in helping you develop a Totally Doable strategy.

Totally Doable Consulting is a sole proprietorship, with access to a broad network of professionals who can assist with larger projects.

Please contact me if you’re looking for practical solutions. I look forward to providing them.

Totally Doable Consulting is registered as an Alameda County Small, Local and Emerging Business (SLEB #16-00075), and California SB/Micro #2025895.


We have worked with clients large and small, on projects large and small. Some of the organizations we’ve helped out include:

  • Alameda County Training & Education Center
  • Alameda County Sustainability Office
  • American Planning Association, Northern California Chapter
  • The Bicycle Trails Council of the East Bay
  • The Coleman Fung Institute for Engineering Leadership
  • The Hog’s Apothecary
  • Kevah 
  • One IT initiative, University of California, Berkeley
  • Prescott Circus Theatre
  • The Prison University Project
  • School of Journalism, University of California, Berkeley
  • Talent and Organizational Performance, University of California, Berkeley
  • The University of California Washington (D.C.) Center
  • Walk Oakland Bike Oakland

Whatever your need, we can find a way to assist you.