Project leadership

If you need to get something done on schedule and on budget, our extensive experience with project management will help you out.

But more than just managing project tasks, we act as a strategic partner, helping you develop project goals that will make your program successful. We’ll work with your constituents to help you define requirements and scope which are appropriate to your scale, needs, and available resources.

Our process begins with personal interviews, first of you and your staff, then of key constituents that you have identified. In working directly with your community, we can help facilitate conversations about their needs and your goals, and work towards solutions which are mutually beneficial. During the project, we always come back to those questions: Who are your constituents? What do they need? How does this project address those needs?

Projects we’ve led include communications strategy development, tech-enabled classroom design, data security audits, and external IT reviews. If you need help, we can provide it.