Quick Reviews

Organizations need a fresh look at their technology investments. IT managers have deep understanding of current demands, but often lack the bandwidth to step back and survey the landscape for trends which will affect their organization two to five years down the road.

Through a short, intense project (generally three months or less), I can quickly tap the knowledge of your users and IT staff and come to a set of pragmatic recommendations for strategic investments and procedural improvements for your organization’s IT. The resultant plan will provide suggestions which can be implemented within the constraints of your existing resources and skill sets.

A well-executed plan can succeed for three different populations:

  • Leadership will gain better understanding of where to invest in IT, and why
  • IT staff will get to elevate the priority of critical projects
  • Users will get to communicate their IT issues and feel they are heard

The scope of the review can include vendor sourcing, server infrastructure, desktop support, application and web development, networking, classroom technology, or other areas of IT. It can focus solely on the technical aspects, or include discussion of management and funding strategies. The report will be designed for your environment and tailored to your needs.

Here’s an excerpt from a Quick Review if you’d like to get an idea of what the result is like.