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Data Protection

Three factors are contributing to rising data security and privacy risks for education and non-profits:

  1. Data migration to cloud services (Google Apps, Salesforce, Dropbox)
  2. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trends
  3. Heightened legal and policy regulation

Information is moving into the cloud and onto users’ mobile devices, at a time when governments and granting agencies are increasing scrutiny of data protection practices.

Vendor contracts differ greatly in privacy protections for your data, and some cloud vendors have sub-optimal security architectures. You may know your vendor can deliver the service you need, but can you know how they protect your data?

BYOD presents additional challenges. Users want access to their data from any location, on all of their devices. They have a general sense that they should be careful with others’ personal information, but they often don’t understand how to safely transport and store data.

I have years of experience evaluating systems and developing security and privacy policies. I can help you examine your data storage practices and vendor agreements, check how well they address the alphabet soup of data-protection regulations (HIPAA, FERPA, IPA, PCI), and recommend a set of pragmatic actions to reduce your data risks.