Team-building exercises

Successfully reorganizing or consolidating IT staff requires turning a collection of individuals into a functional team. Team-building activities can help a new group move from Forming to Performing.

Tech folks don’t respond well to touchy-feely, “fall backwards and I’ll catch you” kinds of exercises. They’re at their best when they’re working together to solve problems. These Totally Doable team-building exercises will help your folks collaborate to reach a common goal while learning more about each other and having fun together. They’ll be the highlight of your event!

We will prepare, introduce and run the exercise. Afterwards, the teams will regroup and discuss their experiences during the activity. The debrief will promote several themes: developing shared problem-solving methods, active listening, and the value of diverse viewpoints and backgrounds. We will work with you to make the outcome fit your goals.

Treasure hunts

We will create and lead a team-building treasure hunt at your location. Your teams will set off on foot, solving clues which lead them to plaques, murals, and other permanent objects in the area. The clues are designed to be fun to solve, not super-difficult but challenging enough to encourage people to think and work together to progress towards solutions. Your folks will learn new things about the area and about each other. Hunt duration can vary based on your needs and the requirements of the location; typically the entire activity will take 2-3 hours.

Trivia contests

If your location is not suited to a treasure hunt, we can run a team-based trivia contest for you. With a mix of textual, visual, and audio questions, the quiz will get your folks’ brains working, and encourage everyone to contribute. Questions can be tailored to the demographics of your group. Quiz duration can vary based on your needs; typically the activity will take 1-2 hours.

Group of five people reading and pointing